Mural Artist, Cheshire

I had been working as a specialist decorator for some years with most of my work being wood graining, marbling and broken colour work. A change of direction came about whilst I was doing interior design at the East Midlands College, a regular client (who I had done several broken colour schemes for) called one day ‘Phil we have had this idea for one of our rooms, what we are thinking of is a sunrise starting at a low level, turning into a cloudy sky and going over the ceiling into a night sky, and then in the darkest area we are having eighty LEDs fitted to represent stars, we don’t need reality, abstract will be fine, are you interested?’ Well what could I say; I’ll be there ASAP.

Mural Examples:


Recent Projects

Recently I have produced several cartoon scenes in children’s rooms, of popular television and film characters, don’t forget to ask to see examples.

While most of my commissions come from the south Cheshire area I can look at other places subject to a consideration for expenses.
As you read this I may be painting fish on a bedroom wall, clouds on a ceiling, or doing some of the many unique paint ideas that come in a flash of inspiration.

And Finally..

What better way to personalise your room than to have a mural painted? This could be:

  • For a child’s room decorated with colourful images
  • Why hang a picture when your whole wall can be a piece of art? Ideal for the living room, dining room or bedroom
  • Create the effect of a window and enjoy a beautiful view every day
  • Make your office reception stand out with a mural to complement your company image
  • Decoration of external walls of your building or in your community to promote your business or to aid regeneration